Firmware Encryption & Protection Service

Firmware Encryption & Protection Service (FEPS) protects IoT devices from being cloned, which could make result in a severe impact in terms of financial performance and market share. FEPS also protects IC firmware from being reverse-engineered, making it a lot harder for hackers to discover vulnerabilities in their systems, a disaster that IoT device manufacturers would not want to trade their efforts for.

“Thanks to the amazing technologies from ECOLUX, we’re able to implement state-of-the-art security in our products quickly, allowing us to shorten our R&D cycle and focus on developing the best products.”
— Dr. Biing-Seng Wu, Founder & Chairman of Himax Technologies
  • Zero Coding

    PiLock helps inexperienced engineers to protect their firmware within 10 minutes without coding.
  • Secured Lifecycle

    FEPS secures the development, delivery, manufacturing, update and disposal of IoT devices.
  • High Compatibility

    FEPS is compatible with most MCUs on the planet, with or without external flash.

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